If you want to feel more love in your life; try this

If you want to feel more love in your life; try this

Love is probably the strongest emotion we will ever experience and so you will no doubt want to feel more love in your life. Love can give us joy, strength and hope. When we feel love it flows through every cell in our body and releases oxytocin. Oxytocin reduces stress and anxiety and can act as an anti-depressant.

Here are some ways you can release Oxytocin (apart from falling in love, sex and childbirth!):

  • Hugging someone or imagining to hug someone
  • Do a random act of kindness
  • Move your body
  • Laugh
  • Practice relaxed breathing


Feel more love with your senses

Love feelings come in more forms that you may immediately think of. We are multi-sensory creatures and we can light up our pleasure centre in many ways. Anything that touches our senses can give us pleasure. So how about looking for opportunities to feel more love more often and fill your life with as much love as possible.  Here are some ideas, how about:


What do you love to hear or listen to? What music caresses your ears? What makes you sing your heart out or makes the hairs on your body stand on end? And what about the sounds that you haven’t yet explored? Or maybe you love the tempestuous sound of the waves crashing on a stormy day…..


You know the saying ‘A feast for the eyes’? Well, what feeds your eyes? Is it bright colour that makes you feel full of energy? Are you surrounded with things that you that you love to look at? It is said that even having photos on your desk at work will raise your happiness levels. Do you seek out beautiful places and take the time to absorb their beauty? Or maybe you like to look at photos and notice something new every time you look at them. Or maybe you like to see the warmth of people’s smile or the chink of light in their eyes as they laugh an that make you feel more love…………



Food is the language of love for many. With ten thousand taste buds in your mouth, that’s a great way to feel more love! Do you take time to savour delicious things? Do you get excited about trying new restaurants or even supermarkets! Maybe you browse the aisles and imagine how new things might taste. We are so fortunate to have such a variety of choice at our fingertips. Every day can be a new food adventure and a chance to nourish our body in a new exciting way………….



Chanel no 5

Do you have a favourite smell? Is it a natural smell or maybe something unusual? It is said that the most popular smell is the smell of freshly baked bread. Others include cut grass, aftershave, clean laundry and coffee.  Smells can light up our other senses and evoke childhood memories. Maybe you like to luxuriate in your signature scent from time to time…….



What do you love the feel of? Do you have certain textures that you love? Maybe you love the feel of smooth carved wood or velvety cushions? Do the clothes you wear feel nice next to your skin and you love wearing them. Do your home furnishings make you feel cosy and comfortable. And how do you enjoy moving your body? Maybe you dance or act and love losing yourself in the movement of music or the character of a part……


Love yourself and love your life

Then of course there is just so much to love about life! I would love you hear about what you love in the comments.


And if you are not loving your life, please do sign up for my newsletter because I can absolutely help you. If you feel like you are not loving your life it can be difficult to see how you will be any different. But with a bit of support, some techniques to manage your mindset and a new found understanding of yourself you can love yourself and your life more than ever before.

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30 days to a happier you – Day 30 – my free gift to you is happy goggles

30 days to a happier you – Day 30 – my free gift to you is happy goggles

My free gift to you is happy goggles

So, today is the last day of my 30 days to a happier you blog program. It’s been amazing writing these blogs for you and sharing some of what I know about how to feel happier.

happy goggles ladies happy googles men

And today I have a very special gift for you. Happy goggles. To claim your free pair just send me an email and tell me which was your favourite blog and why and if you would like the men’s or ladie’s happy goggles. If you would like to read the blogs again, I’ve listed them all below for you with a summary of each.

No but seriously, I won’t be sending happy goggles obviously but as a therapist I would love to hear from you!

And you don’t need me to send you those goggles because you already have them. When you feel the need, just pop them on and see things differently. Thoughts are just thoughts which create feelings. Thoughts can only be real if the thing you are thinking is happening right there and then. Otherwise you are just thinking about something that happened or might happen and that might make you feel bad. So change your thinking and change your feelings.

Money back guarantee

30 day guarantee

30 days to a happier you – If this is the first time you’ve come across this blog or you haven’t read them all, no problem! Here they all are! The full program. Do them all and I promise you will feel different. I even offer a money back guarantee 🙂

You just need  a notebook and pen, to read the blogs each day and dedicate a small amount of time each day to do the exercises. This is not meant to be another thing on your ‘to do list’. It is meant to make a difference to how happy you feel. For free!

Day 1 – you gave yourself a current happiness score out of 10 to see how happy you currently are.

Day 2 – you started to catch negative mind chatter going on in your head and made a note of it in your notebook.

Day 3 – you tried to make friends with your mind.

Day 4 – you became a mind COP by realising how much time you spend thinking negatively. You are now  focused on catching those negative thoughts as they come in, owning the thought and protect yourself by realising it might not be true.

Day 5 – you did the shake N vac and  started to freshen your mind with gratitude.

Day 6 – you wrote a really good gratitude list that means something to you.

Day 8 You looked at your negative mind chatter and met your Mind COP

Day 9 Mind COP came to your rescue and helped you catch those negative thoughts, own them and protect yourself

Day 10 I gave you a huge list of things to do for free to add to your happiness and no doubt you came up with lots of your own

Day 11 You thought about your USPS and made a list of your special and unique qualities

Day 12 You recognized your strengths and how playing to them will make you more you and compare yourself to others less

Day 13 I shared a list of people that inspire me and why and you had a think about who inspires you and why

Day 15 Life really is like a box of chocolates because you never know what you are gonna get. You wrote a postcard to your younger self to share some of your life lessons.

Day 16 We looked at how if you ignore a mind problem it can become a bigger problem like a tooth absess

Day 17 We looked at how feeling like a misfit is actually an advantage and you made a list people that value your uniqueness

Day 18 I gave you a video with EFT tapping to make you feel more confident in 2 minutes

Day 19 We looked at how judging others affects our own wellbeing and you have some things to do to change how you respond to others

Day 20 I gave you a free relaxing download so you can declutter your mind

Day 22 We looked at energy and you did an exercise about what feeds or drains your energy physically, emotionally and spiritually

Day 23 guest blogger Anthony Punshon filled us in on how exercise makes us happier

Day 24 guest blogger Katie Hedges shared food which make us happier and her happy hippy bowl recipe

Day 25 guest blogger Susan Ellis-Saller gave us 7 alternative ways to help bring more happiness to our lives

Day 26 guest blogger Justine Van De Weg inspired is with her artist’s view on how to be happier with creativity

Day 27 guest blogger Dawn Breslin talked about coping with uncertainty to protect happiness

Day 28 We looked at 7 things that might be draining your energy and you started to monitor possible energy leaks over 7 days

Day 29 I spoke about how you might have a thing that you need help with like depression, lack of confidence, anxiety, stress, sleep, trauma, smoking, weight, something from the past so you can move forward and be happier

You are not alone

If you are finding this difficult to do on your own, no problem, because I can help you. I work with adults and children age 5+ in person in West Sussex or on Skype round the world! My clients have significiant insights and shifts. Most clients say they wish they had come sooner.

Here’s the plan:

  • Please do let me know what you thought of the program You are the reason I did it and I would love to hear your feedback. You can do that in the comments on my blogs or on my facebook page
  • Get in touch if you need help. I offer a free 20 minute consultation
  • Sign up for weekly newsletters at the bottom of this blog or on my website 


Huge happy hug 🙂 


If you fancy blogging and a bit of a challenge, there is no better place to be than Sarah Arrow’s blogging challenge