Go Sugar-Free

Many people have a sweet tooth but sugar is highly addictive and has little nutritional value. When sugar is consumed, it raises blood sugar levels. When the blood sugar drops, it causes tiredness and often more sugar is consumed and the cycle starts again. My unique combined Hypnotherapy and NLP treatment stops you eating sugary foods, regulates your energy levels and results in weight loss.

My sugar intake has increased over the years. I’m in my forties and eating 3-4 sugar laden snacks a day. I’m not particularly overweight and apart from the sugar I lead a healthy lifestyle but I don’t think sugar is good for me. My friend in the UK had had Hypnotherapy with Honey Lansdowne and this interested me so I  had a free consultation and realised it was something I wanted to do. I live in Australia and so had my sessions over Skype which was brilliant. So easy, therapy without leaving the house! I was impressed by Honey’s knowledge and skill. As it turned out we covered a whole lot more than just sugar and was able to let a load of stuff go including some negative self-belief and some emotions left from my divorce. I was using sugar to comfort myself and now I don’t need to do that anymore.


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