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I blend Hypnosis, NLPPsy-TaP, Reiki and 20 years coaching experience to achieve the absolute best outcome for you.

  • I charge £105 an hour except for packages as detailed below
  • Stop smoking forever – one two hour session costing £275
  • Anxiety,  phobias, panic attacks, addictions, habits, stress, going sugar-free and most other issues can mostly be treated in one or two sessions
  • Weight Loss, Depression,  Social anxiety and Confidence are 4 session programmes which will give you amazing results and change your life. I will help you overcome hurts of the past and limiting beliefs, give you new techniques to cope in any situation which may have previously challenged you and bring you to a point where you know your issues are a things of the past an you can move forward with your life.
  • OldPain2Go Pain Elimination. A single session usually takes between 20 minutes and an hour, depending on the client and the old pain. £105.
  • Mindfulness group sessions are £10 per person per session


One to One Life Coaching Program £599.

In life there comes a crunch time. A time where you know you can’t deal with what you are facing on your own. This is where I come in with 30 years business experience, 20 years coaching experience and a bunch of therapies to support. This leaves me fully equipped to help you deal with what it is you are facing. Most common is mid life support, relationship issues, career change or a complete loss of self, but nothing is off limits. Like a full ‘life service’ at a concious and unconcious level, you will receive the full what I call ‘work of the self’ to take away any issues, heal and give you a real understanding of yourself. You can then move through life knowing who you are and what you want, because living in total alignment feels fantastic and I believe is achievable for everyone. You will have increased happiness, confidence and resilience as well as at least one breakthrough.


GHSC Accredited PractitionerGHR Registered PractitionerCollege of MedicineGHR Registered Practitioner

What will your sessions be like?

In the first session we will have a discussion about you, your life and the reason you are here. Sometimes we won’t even discuss much at all and get straight into change work so you leave your first session feeling different. Many of my clients have had CBT or counselling previously and it had helped in understanding things but they want to feel significantly different. This is the whole premise of my work; to change how you feel and give you techniques to manage your emotions for life.

In subsequent sessions we will release issues and unhelpful emotions so that your life can be better. Your future well-being is my priority and sometimes you will find yourself releasing emotions that you have carried for a long time. I may provide you with Hypnotic recordings to listen to at home to support your treatment.

When your course of sessions has finished, you will find yourself feeling very different about things and will find it easier to relax whenever you need to. Being relaxed puts you in control, helps you make better decisions and manage your emotions.

All sessions are subject to 24 hour cancellation policy and full charge will be billed if less than 24 hours notice given.

10% discount on all treatments for NHS staff  or members of British Forces
Please produce ID NHS staff discount UK or proof of being a member of the British Forces

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