Effortless Weight Loss

There are a number of reasons why people put on weight or find it difficult to lose weight and keep it off without help. Hypnotherapy is often one of the last resorts and the most successful. I offer ‘Hypno gastric band’ which convinces the body that a gastric band has been fitted and controls eating on a long-term basis. I also offer traditional weight loss hypnotherapy which explores reasons for overeating and resolves them.
I have struggled with my weight since having children. I was always curvy but put on a lot of weight with my first pregnancy and never got back to ‘normal’. This got worse when I went back to work because I was juggling having a baby with a job and running a home. I could really relate to that Facebook post that says I feel like some sort of exhausted pigeon! When I went for Hypnotherapy it became apparent that I was feeling overwhelmed and eating as a distraction. I loved the feeling of calm and peace that Hypnotherapy gave me and I could have this anytime with the recording that Honey gave me. I feel so much more in control of everything including my eating. I have lost weight easily just be being less stressed and more in control of everything Nikki From Worthing

I am a life-long dieter. I have tried them all and had some success with some but always ended up putting the weight back on. I was feeling really low about my weight and didn’t know what to do about it. I met Honey at an event and she explained how Hypnotherapy works and I signed up for 4 sessions. What can I say! During my sessions I was surprised by how Hypnotherapy sent me ‘inside’ myself. I was able to see how my emotions affected my eating and how I could change this. I don’t diet now, I eat to nourish my body which I now value more than ever before and I have lost over 2 stone. I am much happier and more in touch with myself Debbie From Shoreham