Help for teenagers during GCSEs and A-level exams

April, May and June can be stressful times for many teenagers when they take their school GCSE and A-level exams. They have a lot to deal with; revision, timetables and nerves and stress. They can end up feel stressed and tired which are not helpful states.

The BBC suggests ‘The best way to support your child during the stress of revision and exams is to make home life as calm and pleasant as possible’.

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Despite all the suggestions and advice, many students can still it difficult to cope and find themselves feeling anxious and overwhelmed. For several years now I have been supporting students during this period. I offer a combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP therapies to help students relax and feel more confident. Hypnotherapy relaxes the mind, eases stress and makes you feel calm and in control. When you are calm and in control you feel more confident and able to cope. Both of which are very helpful during exam time.

There is some good advice from the NHS on how to help your child deal with stress, eat right, sleep well and talk about things.

Confidence is key

For some students, there is a lack of self-belief and confidence which makes things even harder. It is so important to believe you are capable or something, it can really make or break a situation. Can you imagine a sportsperson about to play a match or run a race and think they couldn’t do it? That’s why they have coaches to support them and get their self-belief and motivation as high as it can be. The power of the mind is significant in achieving the things we want to and getting the best results we can.

The mind website also gives some good tips on how to cope with exam and managing ‘triggers’. It’s important for teenagers to allow for time to relax, maintain friendships and do things they enjoy. This helps protect their mental health and stay balanced.

Change bad habits into good ones

Student experts, student minds also give some excellent guidance for keeping it in perspective, getting organised, getting support and avoiding bad habits and getting into good ones.

NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is used widely by successful people! It helps identify and change your limiting beliefs. If you have a limiting belief, it can block your success. They are things we tell ourselves which send negative messages to our powerful minds. Things like ‘I’m not as good as so & so’ or ‘I will never get the grades I want’. By believing these stories subconsciously we make them feel true. By identifying them, we can work through them and create more positive thoughts and outcomes. Sounds simple but it can be life changing.

After several sessions students will feel increased feelings of motivation, concentration and confidence. Leaving them free to study and complete their exams in the best way possible.

Get in control, get in touch

So if you are a student reading this and would help to feel calm and in control during your GCSEs or A-levels whilst gaining confidence please get in touch.

If you are a parent reading this and think your child could benefit from my services, please discuss it with your child and get in touch if you both feel this is would help.

I use Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki and life coaching to help children over 5 and adults overcome problems and issues. I work face to face in Lancing, Worthing, Shoreham and Brighton and worldwide on Skype. I love talking to people and would happy to have a chat with you about how I could help you or your child.

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