30 days to a happier you – Day 25 – Guest blogger Susan Ellis-Saller

30 days to a happier you – Day 25 – Guest blogger Susan Ellis-Saller

Guest blogger Susan Ellis-Saller

Continuing our theme of special guest bloggers talking about increasing physical, emotional and spiritual energy for happiness, please welcome guest blogger Susan Ellis-Saller.

Susan is an energy worker, a tarot and angel card reader, an angel practitioner, and a life coach.  She has worked with crystals and aromatherapy for more than 20 years and loves to help people find more happiness and positive feelings in their lives.

Here is Susan’s blog about some simple tactics and easy to find tools that can help you improve the vibe in your home and life.

7 Alternative Ways to Help Bring More Happiness to Your Life

Are you looking for some new ways to increase the happiness in your life? Have you ever thought of using crystals, minerals, and energy healing methods to bring more happiness into your home and environment?

1) Clear clutter

I know that might seem like a bummer to do, but the stuff that’s lying around your house can actually be charged with negative energy. Removing it and clearing space can work wonders for your mood and also make space for more positive energy to flow.

2) Use music

There are sound therapists who are actually trained to use their voices to clear the energy of your space – either in your home or office. Their pitches might sound foreign to your ears, but they do wonders for breaking up negative energy and adding a lighter note to your home’s energy!  Check out Urte Tragman’s site for more info.

You can also play classical music or use a bell to clear the air in your rooms and homes. Practitioners say the chord of C works well, and you can experiment with other chords and types of music to see what works best for you.

3) Surround yourself with crystals

rose quartz

Certain crystals, like rose quartz and selenium, are associated with bringing positive vibes into a space and are even associated with the angels! You can either carry them on your person or scatter them around your home to increase their effectiveness.

If you want to absorb or deflect negative energy or vibes, keep a black tourmaline on you or put smoky quartz in your home. Both of these crystals are wonderful for absorbing the bad – leaving more room for the good!

4) Use salt!

Salt can help to soak up negative vibes, so you can bathe in a salted bath or use a Himalayan salt lamp in your work/home space. Himalayan salt lamps are said to give off certain ionic particles that help to clear the air and also to absorb electronic rays and particles given off by the many technological devices we use on a daily basis.

5) Scents can help, too!

Citrus scents, like lemon and grapefruit, are mood enhancers. They stimulate different areas in the brain and can also bring on a more “sunny” disposition. Bergamot is also associated with improving a person’s mood – especially if he or she is suffering from depression.

If you are looking for stress relief, go with a lavender or chamomile scent. Both are mild and both are helpful in tackling stress.  Just watch out, with scents. Make sure that you use a little bit in the beginning to make sure that you are not allergic or sensitive to what you are using.

Also, people who are prone to seizures or who are pregnant should check with a licensed aromatherapist before using any oils – topically or in the air.

6) Bring in some flowers

wild flowers

Studies show that flowers help to elevate EVERYONE’s mood (or the vast majority of the population, anyway)!  If there is a kind of flower you love, then even putting a picture of that flower in your home or workspace can help to improve the mood.

Plants, too, have been found to increase the flow of positive energy in a home or office. There are different plants associated with different areas of life, like love or prosperity.

7) Uplift with color!

The mood or tone of your home can be enhanced by the color(s) of the accessories you choose. If you’d like to lift the mood in your home up, then think about bright, vibrant accents like yellow and orange (sunny, happy colors) or even calming colors, like pastels and “water colors” like turquoise, blue, and lavender.

Many times, colors and scents associated with those colors have similar effects on the mind and body. So, rose and pink (and rose quartz) will both bring a positive, innocent touch to your atmosphere. Purples and lavender (and amethyst) will have a calming and soothing effect, etc.

Simple things can change your mood

Sometimes, using alternative methods will help you to improve your happiness in ways you hadn’t thought of before. Simple things, like color and scent can have a big impact on your mood, as can energetic clearing methods like listening to music.

It’s important to explore many different ways of improving your environment and your mood – and using crystals, flowers, and scents can have a wonderful effect!

Here’s the plan

30 days to a happier you – Day 22 – Everything is energy


Einstein’s theory – Everything is energy.

Now when I say I’m a Hypnotherapist and then mention I also do Reiki, the more logical people might start to think I’m a bit ‘woo woo’. But actually, it wasn’t until I started doing Reiki that I thought the opposite. Some of the energetic experiences and shifts I have witnessed have been remarkable. And there really is nothing ‘woo woo’ about it.

You see you have an energy and I have an energy and between us we make a new energy that no one else can make. That’s why sometimes when you are with people they can lift you or drain you. Or when you are having a good day and giving out good vibes more good things seem to happen. and the opposite is also true.

Does your car have more energy than you?

How often do you feel low on energy? And do you notice your high energy states too?

Did you realise that you have different sources of energy? Sort of like a car. The fuel helps it move. The water stops it from having a meltdown. And the oil keeps everything running smoothly.

Fuel = You nourish you body to give it physical energy.

Water = You manage your emotions to stop yourself having a meltdown or getting stressed

Oil = You keep your spirit moving so your joy does not get stuck

Your three energy sources are physical, emotional and spiritual. When you balance the three energies, you will feel at your best; powerful and balanced. It doesn’t have to be hard. The first step is to recognise the three energies and anything that drains or feeds them.

Have you ever been physically tired but so enthusiastic about someone or something that you are still energetic? Or physically well and rested but mentally there is nothing in the tank? Or have you lost your joy and can’t seem to find a way to bring it back?

Know what drains and feeds your energy

Things that drain or feed your energy can be:

  • People
  • Environments
  • Situations
  • Thoughts
  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Behaviour
  • Addictions
  • Habits
  • Sleep
  • Relaxation
  • Fun
  • Hobbies
  • Learning
  • Work

Special guest bloggers over the next week

Over the next week we have some very special guest bloggers joining us to talk about increasing physical, emotional and spiritual energy for happiness. It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to introduce you to them and their wonderful work. I’ve chosen these people because they are talented and expert at what they do and also very nice people!

Anthony Punshon – is a really experienced personal trainer and weight loss expert

Katie Hedges – is a passionate foodie, aspiring recipe developer and healthy eating expert

Susan Ellis-Saller – is an energy worker, tarot and angel card reader and angel practitioner

Justine Van De Weg – is an inspirational artist who works with adults and children in the Worthing area

Dawn Breslin – is a heartcentred coach and personal development teacher

Here’s the plan:

  • Make a list of what feeds or drains your energy
  • Draw a circle and split it into 3 sections representing how much energy you think you have physically, emotionally and spiritually at the moment
  • Come back and meet the guest bloggers over the next week


Happy hug 🙂



30 days to a happier you – Day 20 – The easy way to declutter your mind

30 days to a happier you – Day 20 – The easy way to declutter your mind

troubled thoughts

Who is Mary Kondo?

I’m currently reading ‘that’ book about decluttering. It’s called ‘Spark Joy’ by Mary Kondo. she is a tidying and de-cluttering specialist. As a Hypnotherapist, what strikes me when I read it, is how nice making space is. She is helping people have space in their house which is a great feeling.

And she helps people get rid of broken things, things from the past that are not needed anymore. And she also encourages people only to keep things that give them joy.

Do you need to declutter your mind?

There are so many synergies between a tidy home and a tidy mind. If your mind is cluttered, it doesn’t feel nice and you can’t think straight. You might feel confused, dizzy and stressed. It might affect your sleep, temper and decision making. But how do you tidy your mind and create space?

One of the most common phrases I hear from clients is ‘I think too much’. We are a thinking species and very good at it, but what they mean is their mind is so busy that they feel muddled. Their minds do not have space to organize thoughts and sort the useful ones out.

Some of the work we have done so far in this programme has helped with identifying your mind chatter and change the feelings that your negative mind chatter creates. But no doubt there will be other stuff in your mind which you may need to de-clutter to create space.


But why do you hold onto this mind clutter?

  • Is it a habit and you just don’t know how to be different?
  • Are you scared deep down of moving on and facing changes? If you let go of your thinking who are you really? And what might you really want? And what will you think and do instead?
  • People with cluttered minds know they want to feel different and when this feeling gets strong… the feeling of wanting to move away from the bad feelings and move toward something different. That’s usually when they seek help


What would decluttering your mind feel like?

If you had space in your mind you would:

  • Feel more relaxed
  • Be more creative
  • Feel more in control
  • Have more head space to focus on the really important things
  • Be able to prioritise more easily
  • Be easier to be around
  • Sleep better


Is your mind full of junk?


Could you imagine if you kept all the possessions you had acquired throughout your life? Your home would be bulging! You wouldn’t be able to move or clean. A good de-clutter feels good and the same is true for your mind. Some people like to talk over their thoughts with a coucellor and a lot of people have CBT and I see a lot of clients who have tried these treatments.

What’s different about Hypnotherapy is it actually changes how you feel, without talking about things for hours. It teaches you how to relax and find calm yourself after your sessions have ended. You will find a deeply calm place within in you which once you have connected with, comes automatically into your life. As if you were designed that way.

Here’s the plan:

  • Experience relaxation and mind de-cluttering for free. Sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this blog or on my website to receive a free relaxing download.


Happy hug 🙂


30 days to a happier you – Day 17 – Do you feel like a misfit

30 days to a happier you – Day 17 – Do you feel like a misfit

Do you feel like a misfit?

fitting in

Many people feel like they are ‘misfits’. Different to others. Like they don’t fit it. Do you feel like that?

Has it caused you to distance yourself from others? Keep yourself to yourself for fear or being judged or criticised? Maybe you feel awkward? Or wish that you were different in some way?

Feeling different can lead to isolation or negative feelings about yourself. This is because you are allowing negative thoughts to become negative feelings. ‘Misfits’ can find themselves wasting years feeling bad about not fitting in or not being ‘good enough’

Although everyone is unqiue, there are some people that are abstract. Maybe you’ve been called ‘quirky’?

How wonderful! Lucky you 🙂

In life today everyone is looking for the next new thing. Something that makes them different. Have you noticed lots of people with blue hair recently?

New foods from far flung countries fill the supermarkets….

TV shows with new ideas

New different fashion


The latest games… Pokemon go anyone?

But when it comes to people are you scared to be different? Why not embrace your uniqueness? Be comfortable with it? Although there really is no such thing as an ordinary person, it’s important to shine your light and feel good about doing so. After all, wouldn’t life be boring if there was only one flavour, one colour, one size, one texture, one smell or one emotion!

Embrace your quirks

why fit in

Here’s some ways you can be more comfortable with your uniqueness:

  • Stop trying to fit in with things that make you uncomfortable. Find the places you like being, that make you feel good
  • Spend time around people that get you. See your good points and value you for who you are. Not make fun, criticise you or make you feel bad about yourself
  • Don’t judge others and you will feel less judged yourself. When we judge others we are holding them up against our own values and beliefs, not accepting them for who they are or seeing all sides to them
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Accept yourself and celebrate your quirks

The misfits myth

Here’s a great Ted Talk from Lidia Yuknavitch who didn’t believe how wonderful she was for many years because she felt like a misfit. She reads this poem which is lovely.

Even at the moment of your failure, right there.

You are beautiful.

You don’t know it yet but you have the ability to re-invent yourself endlessly, that’s the beauty.

You can be a drunk, a survivor of abuse, you can be an ex con, you can be a homeless person.

You can lose all your money, or your job, or your husband or your wife or the worse thing of all, a child.

You could even lose your marbles.

You can be standing dead centre of all your failure and still I am only here to tell you, you are so beautiful.

Your story deserves to be heard, because you, you rare and phenomenal misfit, you new species.

Are the only one in the room that can tell the story the way you would.

And I would be listening

Here’s the deal:

  • Make a list people that value your uniqueness

Happy hug J


30 days to a happier you – Day 16 – Why you shouldn’t leave a tooth abscess

30 days to a happier you – Day 16 – Why you shouldn’t leave a tooth abscess

Why you shouldn’t leave a tooth abscess untreated

abscess tooth

Having a tough time emotionally and not doing anything about it is the equivalent of having a tooth abscess in your mouth that’s causing a lot of pain. You hope it will die down. You don’t want the hassle or cost of going to the dentist and you might be scared of what could happen. So you carry on living with the pain.

After a while you stop eating on that side of your mouth as it becomes too painful and this becomes the norm. Even though you are noticing that now the good side is starting to ache because it’s doing all the work. You take painkillers on a regular basis or the pain ruins your day and sleep. Then one day you wake up with a big swollen face. That abscess is saying ‘SORT IT OUT’.

Do not ignore the problem anymore. So you go to the dentist and he can’t believe the size of the abscess and that you haven’t come sooner. Because this is what he deals with all the time and although it’s a bit tricky on the day, in no time at all the swelling has gone down and you can even eat on that side again. It was like that abscess never existed! And you really do kick yourself for not going sooner.

You don’t need a problem to have a problem.

What I mean by this is you can feel ‘out of sorts’, ‘confused’, worried or sad. Or suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, depression or stress. Or the problem presents itself in poor sleep. You might be clear on the symptoms, but not the cause. That is because the sub conscious mind has taken in a life event, it could be really small, and programmed it in a way that it effects behaviour and makes you feel bad.

What you resist persists

resist persist

Some people know they are not ok. But they continue to struggle on.. Maybe the problem presents itself in behaviour like over eating, drinking regularly to ‘numb’ those feelings or spending money for a quick feel good. Only to find that all of these things soon wear off and the feelings are still there.

Maybe you feel guilty for ‘over indulging in those feelings and that you should stop ‘being silly’. Or maybe you have found a way to avoid the problem? I’ve now treated two clients who drove everywhere without doing right hand turns because they were scared of turning right!

But what you will find is that what you resist, persists. It is the subconscious reminding you that something isn’t right and you need to sort it out.

We shouldn’t underestimate the link between mental health and physical health. There have been numerous studies into the links between the two.

What you may not realise if that when you are going through a traumatic time or feeling bad for no apparent reason, the difference getting therapy can make is unbelievable. You can feel better, gain strength and turn almost any situation into a learning experience. Once you learn to do this you will find curveballs that life throws at you easier to deal with. You will be more equipped to support others too.

Here’s the plan:

  • Review the postcard that you wrote to your younger self yesterday. What learnings can you see?


Happy hug 🙂


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